21Point Board Evaluation

governance_jigsawDo you have an effective board that enables success? Do you know your board workings are geared in the right direction?

Do you have the tools to assess your board?

It is often seen that if we can’t measure things, we can’t achieve them.  

In order to assist with board level assessments, we have launched a 21 point check to help you evaluate and improve your board.

Here is a sampling of some of the aspects included in the check:

  • Does your board have a common understanding of the mission?
  • Is the board involved in shaping strategic plans and in monitoring results?
  • Do board members have a view on CEO succession?
  • Is the board getting feedback from key stakeholders….?

As part of this exercise, we will arrive at a score for current level of board effectiveness and identify actions to improve board performance and its dynamics.

Sign up to work with us through the 21pointboardcheck.  

Email us on moradocreative@outlook.com  or call us on 0044 77747 62838 for a free initial consultation.


Author: Anu Maakan

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this page. I'm a change specialist, business blogger and art enthusiast. I'm focussed on topics such as corporate governance, compliance & control, metrics, performance management, human capital, financial regulation, leadership. Find me on twitter @AnuGolden, Or email moradocreative@outlook.com

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